Sheikh Hasina is the 3rd Honest Politician


Georgia Bangla desk: When the entire world is seeing the scandal of Paradise Papers and politics and corruption are getting inextricably connected, there are some surprisingly exceptional. People’s and Politics has identified five world leaders who have not indulged in any sort of corruption, have no foreign bank account and do not have mentionable assets. In the list of world’s top five most honest leaders, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister has been picked up in the 3rd position.

Many world leaders who were known to be honest and exemplary have lost their image due to Panama Papers and Paradise Papers. Even Queen Elizabeth II and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have had illegal financial transaction, according to the leaks of Panama Papers and Paradise Papers. Following the leaks of Panama Papers, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson had to resign. The leaks about the hidden tax heavens have shocked the so called ‘honest’ countries of the world.

‘People’s and Politics’, a research firm of global politics, has conducted the research to find out the honest leaders of the world. The honesty of the leaders has been measured based on five criteria. The first criterion was to find out if the head of the state/government has any foreign bank account. The second criterion was about examining the level of increase of the personal assets after coming into power. Finding out the information about the accumulation of hidden assets was the third criterion. The fourth one dealt with the specific corruption charges against the head of the state/government. And the final criterion was about the thought of the people of the leader’s country.

Based upon the aforementioned criteria, People’s and Politics has analyzed the activities of the head of the state/government of 173 countries. Only 17 leaders have passed as they were found to be 50 percent honest in terms of their activities. German Chacellor Angela Merkel topped the list of the honest leaders of 173 countries. She has got 90 out of 100 based upon above mentioned five criteria. The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, stood second with 88. And Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina secured the 3rd position in the list with 87 score. Securing 85 Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg stood 4th in the list and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, who has got 81, stands in the fifth place of the list.

It has been found in the research published by People’s and Politics that Sheikh Hasina does not have any bank account in abroad. Apart from her salary, no additional income has been found. The research of the organization has confirmed that Sheikh Hasina does not have any hidden assets. 78 percent people of Bangladesh believe that Sheikh Hasina is honest and does not have lust. However, the report of the organization mentions about corruption allegations against her party.

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