Georgia Bangla news: A successful fundraising event gave a powerful spirit to vote for Dr. Muhammad Ali Bhuiyan as a candidate of Congressman for the district 6th in Georgia last March 1st at the Global Mall in Atlanta.

The fundraiser was co-chaired by highly respected Professor Jagdish Sheth, Owner of Global Mall and highly successful business leader Shiv Aggarwal and highly successful business leader Ali Katoot. The events hosts and sponsors: Is-Haq Awel, Dr. Gouranga Banik, Colin & Susan Brady, OBE, Zaidh Cuellar, Brian Faison, Rina Gupta, Dr. Shahzad Hashmi, Ahmed Hussein, Dr. Anita Jackson, Raj Jamadagni, John Kacergis, Musaddeq Khan, Prashant Kollipora, Rajan Luthra, Vankat Meesala, Arif Merchant, Atul Parvatiyar, Mehul Raja, Dr. Raktim Sen, Shiraj Shariff and Harry Staley.

The candidate, Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan, delivered a spectacular speech to the more than 70 in attendance at the event at the Global Mall Event Hall. Mohammad spoke about his love for America and becoming a citizen, the need for inclusion not division among our residents and the need to find that which binds us together not that which tears us apart.

Mohammad Ali answered questions and spoke with those in attendance. He explained that victory is possible on his campaign.  He wanted voters to understand given the large number of candidates and the traditionally low voter turnout in special elections in Georgia, this is a real opportunity for South Asian voters to have a real voice in national politics from Georgia.  Mohammad Ali said “This election is an amazing opportunity.  This is a chance for all to have a voice in Washington. Voter turnout is the key to an election that is expected to have 40,000 voters or less.  If we work together, and vote, we can win this election.  This is a prime opportunity for voters, not money to decide who will represent us.” 

Mohammad Ali is the first candidate from the South Asian Community to run for congress in this area.  He is the first candidate that would represent our values in Washington.  It is so important for us and our next generations to have representation from our South Asian Community in Washington. It is especially important in these times to have a candidate representing inclusion.  So that all of America can see who we really are, that we are not foreigners but Americans like everyone else.  We respect and admire American values.  We have embraced America as our home and it is time to have one of our own represent us.  Mohammad Ali cannot do it alone.  He need our help with money and with our votes on April 18th.

Mohammad Ali will be taking people to the polls for early voting and helping those that are not registered voters register so that they can vote and have their voice can be heard.

If any person has any questions about voting or voter registration, please contact the campaign at 404.441.7881


Voter registration ends:  March 20, 2017

Advance Voting Starts: March 25, 2017

Election Date:  April 18, 2017

Please contact the campaign or visit for more information.

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