Tom Perez is the new chairman of DNC: Bangladeshi-American Sheikh Rahman also wins Leadership position


Georgia Bangla news: More than 400 Democratic party leaders from around the country gathered in Atlanta last Saturday to elect their new Leadership of the party. Former Secretary of Labor for Obama administration, Mr. Tom Perez, was elected the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee in this meeting. Perez immediately appointed his rival Congressman Keith Ellison as a Deputy Chairman of the party.

The new elected Chairman Mr. Tom Perez.

Perez the first Latino chairman of the party, just as the new Trump administration begins to implement the Republican president’s promise to build a wall on the nation’s southern border with Mexico, and to step up the deportation the millions of illegal immigrants already here.

Perez won on a second ballot with 235 votes. The winning threshold was 218 votes out of 435 cast.

On February 25, 2017, Democrats gathered in Atlanta Convention Center for the three-day DNC conference with a focus on rebuilding the party’s decimated ranks and recruiting a new class of candidates to seek public office.

In the meantime, a Bangladeshi American democratic leader also made new history as an immigrant nationality in American main stream politics. Mr. Sheikh Rahman member of the DNC from Georgia was elected to the National Executive committee on that day. He is the first Bangladeshi American ever elected to the Leadership position of the party.

New elected member of the National Executive Committee Sheikh Rahman (middle) with new Chairman Tom Perez (left).

In a victory speech new chairman Tom Perez vowed that Democrat would wage an all-out battle to deny Trump a second term.
Keith Ellison called on Democrats to support Perez. ” It’s my honor to serve this party under the chairmanship of Tom Perez ” he said.

Sheikh Rahman with Atlanta Mayor Mr. Kasim Reed (Right).

Sheikh Rahman who supported and voted for Keith Ellison said in a statement that he is part of Team Tom now and ready to unite the party under the new leadership and ready to fight the Republican agenda in order to move this country forward. He also thanks fellow DNC members for their support and believing in him. ” I will do my best to represent this party and the American values that I believe in ” Rahman from Bangladeshi community said.

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